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Unleash The Power Within

From the firewalking to the unloading my internal baggage, this is definitely an event that you wouldn’t want to miss.

My experience at the Unleash The Power Within conference was incredible. From the firewalking to the intense personal unloading, this is definitely an event that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Unleashing Your Power

Unleash The Power Within is a conference put on by Tony Robbins—motivator, mentor, and coach.

Personally, I’d say that this conference is a must-attend.

I’ll be honest with you and say that I didn’t resonate with every aspect of the event. But I did see enough value in the totality of it that I would recommend doing it.  #doit

That’s why I’m sharing with you a review of my experience at Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within, or as the cool kids say, UPW.

Check social media for #upw if you want to see more insights on what it’s like to participate in the conference.

Here’s a fun graphic that I found just before the event that perfectly represents the crazy-ass things you’ll be experiencing:

In a nutshell: My experience at the Unleash the Power Within conference

The Event: Unleash The Power Within

UPW is well orchestrated.

Each day is split into themes and we followed those themes through Tony’s (and others) guidance and mentorship.

Tony is live for two of the four days, his entourage takes the stage on the other remaining days. They did show videos of Tony on the other two days where he wasn’t present. While it was a bit odd in my opinion, I guess that’s how they maximize the experience for the crowd.

The videos are recordings of Tony Robbins giving various talks on subjects that follow the theme for the day—some of them are a little dated and he does repeat concepts now and again which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For me, days one and three were the best. I did find jewels of value here and there on the non-Tony days which made them just as worthwhile.

Many of the exercises and topics made me feel uncomfortable—it pushed the boundaries of myself into very intimate areas.

I laughed. I danced. I hugged complete strangers. I gave and had group messages. I cried.

It was cathartic.

I touched deep sorrow inside myself and ecstatic joy.

I saw the outer shell of many people dissolve as they touched intimate psychological wounds from within themselves.

I listened to complete strangers tell me their most celebrated dreams.

It was an atmosphere of jubilation: dancing, shouting, jumping, and screaming.

It’s like being at the best rave you have ever been to minus the high and while being stone-cold sober.

Here is a video from the event shot by someone that was there.


Let me tell you that when I first heard about the firewalking activity, I was reluctant about doing it.

I knew that the activity was a crucial part of the event. I jumped the gun and did it on the first day: I walked across 2000-degree hot coals barefoot. It jumpstarted my experience of unleashing the power from within myself, and if you do decide to go to UPW, you should definitely do it too.

Firewalking is Tony Robbin’s signature activity and it sets the stage for the rest of the 4 days.

Don’t chicken out on the firewalk. This is why you are going to UPW, to push your limits. You can do it.

How I Got To Tony Robbins & Unleash The Power Within

I became interested in the methods of Tony Robbins for the first time when I had the chance to watch his Ted Talk.

TR Ted Talk is like a condensed version of what he teaches. It’s a great jumping-off point to learn about him and his methodology.

Tony resurfaced again for me a few years ago on a podcast with Tim Ferris which talks about morning routines and peak performance—subjects I am very interested in.

At one point, I looked up his events and seriously considered attending one but then life caught up with me and I forgot about it.

This year, my business partner Neil told me he was going and I jumped on his coattails and we attended together. I flew to Sydney to attend the event there. The conference experience was worth every penny.

Neil and I decided not to sit next to each other to make the experience as raw as possible. It’s easy to fall into common patterns when you’re next to someone you know—we wanted to remove the safety net.

One of the most powerful exercises at UPW was looking into limiting beliefs. In this exercise, we examined the beliefs that hold us from realizing our full potential. It’s a wonderful process and well worth the price of admission.

Tony attempts to uncover your hidden self and helps expose those limiting beliefs with neuro-linguistic programming (NPL) techniques.

My Doubts Unveiled

A part of me, the cynical one, questioned the entire event with its bright lights and loud music; particularly during the sales pitching part of the event where I asked myself:

Am I just being manipulated?

Tony and his crew were in the business of personal development—it attracts money and they rake it in.

Mixing money with personal development is tricky business and it made me think about the intentions of the event. We all got to make money somehow—right?

Things I Learned Through UPW

From my experience at the Unleash the Power Within event, I was able to touch on some profound things about myself.

Tony Robbins during my participation at the Unleashing The Power Within conference in Sydney

Major takeaways from the event include lessons around gratitude, celebration, energy, and uncovering limiting beliefs.

Would I recommend that you attend the Tony Robbins event?

As Derek Sivers would say, hell yes!

The experience will turn out differently for everyone—some will love it, others will hate it. What’s guaranteed is that you will learn something about yourself in the process. The chance to learn about your limiting beliefs is a serious plus that I hope you’ll get when you do attend the conference.

Here are some lessons that I took away from Unleash The Power Within:

  • Belief is an excuse for an experience.
  • Discipline your disappointments.
  • Expectation stands in the way of joy.
  • Life happens for you, not to you.
  • We get what we tolerate.
  • Trade your expectations for appreciation.
  • Complexity is the enemy of execution.
  • Leaders anticipate, not react.
  • Emotional fitness is a state of readiness.
  • Money magnifies who you already are.

In retrospect, the conference emphasizes on taking risks and being bold in your decision-making process. It’s the antithesis to the 9 Habits of Highly Effective Losers because it pushes you to do better and be a better version of yourself.

You get what you tolerate.

Tony Robbins

Are you ready to jump into the experience you’ll get at the Unleash the Power Within conference?

If yes, you can find Tony Robbins’ UPW schedule here.

By Derek Charles Dodds

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