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SEO DIY Checklist

If you don’t already, start blogging and creating content. According to Search Engine Journal, companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages. More indexed pages means more opportunities for searchers to find you, learn about your brand and purchase your products.

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Jeff Bezos Says Always Be Day One

A message that Bezos not only reinforced in his recent annual letter to shareholders, it’s the basis of the entire communication. Bezos started broadly, noting that he works in an Amazon building named Day 1, before he hammered his overall message home.

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Top 100 Entrepreneurial Websites

Looking to connect? Want to share your message? Here is a list of websites that focus on being an entrepreneur. If you would like an excell sheet of the contacts listed on this page just email me and I would be happy to share.

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Facebook Advertising Resource: 30 Courses

Facebook is such an exciting platform for advertising because first and foremost we spend lots of time there. Did you check your Facebook feed yet today? Don’t feel bad if you did, because1.3 billion other people also logged onto Facebook today.

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Stephen King On Writing

The bestselling author Stephen King shares his secrets on how he writes his novels, gives some useful tips and insights for young writers.