The Two Kings And One Queen Of Social Media

I love statistics that are based on facts—The Two Kings And One Queen Of Social Media so, let me give it to you straight.

Your marketing budget should be built on  ‘what works’ . . .

Check this out . . .

facebook marketing

Fact number one—you need to be marketing on Facebook and your MUST have a FB strategy. Don’t leave 63% of conversions on the table. If you have no FB game, then you need to get that chunk of the pie rolling before you think about any other type of advertising.

But wait . . . before you run over to BOOST that post you should study the numbers beacuse they will tell you an important (marketing) story.

Check number two . . .

Pinterest is queen of social

Okay, we are throwing out Polyvore because it’s very niche (fashion) site and thus that leaves us with three heavy hitters 1) Instagram, 2) Pinterest, and 3) Facebook.

And by the way, opening a social account and making the occasional post is not an effective strategy—pick one platform and spend time to make quality posts that tell a story and add value to your customer’s lives.

The Two Kings And One Queen Of Social Media