Ojai Media & Design & The 5M Marketing Process

After 20 years of building businesses online Derek realized that he had a valuable skillset that would help others increase their online sales and marketing strategies—Ojai Media & Design was born in that realization.

If you look at the list of people we work with you will see a commonality—these businesses are attempting to make a difference in the world through both their bold vision and heartfelt commitment to making products and delivering services that attempt to change our lives for the better.

Derek’s mentor and marketing guru Seth Godin said,

“I think the most productive thing to do during times of change is to be your best self, not the best version of someone else.”

This lesson that Seth points at is our daily mantra at Ojai Media & Design—it is an ongoing practice of awareness with a deep rooted dedication to truth and mindfulness that comes alive by serving our customers.

Marketing Chops at Ojai Media & Design

The urban dictionary defines chops as “guts, resilience, staying power, of other forms of fortitude” and to elevate chops to success requires more than guts. Derek developed a uniquely intelligent approach to marketing, based on an award winning formula that combines fortitude with mastery.

Helping you increase your sales is about aligning your vision to measured truth—that’s where our award winning 5M Marketing Process ® will help you uncover what is working and moves you towards success.

  1. matrix – your marketing message and communication—how does it show up in the world;
  2. measurement – how those things we measure help us formulate a strategy;
  3. modulation – comparing data measured against goals and making adjustments based on facts;
  4. magnification – doing more of what is working for you and eliminate the things that don’t (work);
  5. mastery – moving towards growth with a deep understanding based on facts, not assumptions 🙂

We’d love to speak with you about applying the 5Ms to your business.

Derek Dodds, Gregarious Potentialist