iPhone Apps

  • MyFitnessPal.com – Best way to track every calorie I eat.
  • Glympse – Share where you are when you are going to meet others. Everyone is always amazed they haven’t heard of this one.
  • RememberTheMilk – People are always looking for a better way to get things done. Too bad people just are lazy bastards 🙂 Anyways, I find this app the easiest way to keep all my items organized.
  • Pocket – So many times at work someone emails or messages me an article / video. I always use the bookmark or forward them to Pocket so I can read them at my convenience and without distractions (it removes ads).
  • Amazon Alexa – Super amazing. So useful for walking into my house and turning my lights on, playing nice jazz music and setting a timer for something I’m cooking. You’ll need an Amazon Echo.
  • Sonos – There are probably better solutions but its a nice solution to have wireless speakers throughout our office. As well, our hip hop side of the office can play that while the devs play their T-Swift as loud as they want.
  • August – I hate carrying keys and now with August I can open my doors with my phone. Also helpful to remotely let in house cleaners or friends.
  • Hue – Have your lights turn on / off at certain times and change colors. Fun for our office rave parties.
  • Plex – Game changer. You can download and stream any of your movies to any of your devices. Super worth it.
One thing I do with my apps is I switch them around every 3 months. It keeps my brain fresh and sharp. Also, I make sure to move distracting apps to the 3rd screen so I have to go out of my way to use them.


I have 2 of them. I do this so at home I don’t work as much and am forced to read and do non-work related things. We don’t allocate enough time in our lives for thinking. A slower personal home computer requires that.
  • At home – Macbook 12 inch gold edition
  • At office – Macbook Pro 13 inch fully loaded
I’ve said this numerous times but in life you need to optimize from the top down. That starts with your health, then your computer, your phone, your typing skills and so forth.
You use those 99% of your day if your a desk jockey so double your output with a computer that’s twice as fast.

Apps on my computer

Pro-Tip: I save a copy of ALL of my installation files (.dmg) in a dropbox folder. Super helpful whenever I get a new computer.
  • Sequel Pro – A technical marketers dream. This is a great tool to use SQL without all the pain in the ass.
  • Transmission – Best way to download torrent files
  • Transmit – My favorite FTP client
  • MacJournal – What I write every article in. Nice to have categories and distraction free mode.
  • Alfred – Most critical app on the computer, like spotlight on steroids. Saves me literally WEEKS of my life every year with all the built in shortcuts.
  • Audacity – Very simple and easy way to record and edit audio.
  • Calibre – Clean way to convert your pdfs into books for your Kindle
  • Call Recorder – So you can easily record your Skype calls
  • Jing – Make super quick video screencasts to share
  • TeamViewer – Awesome way to screen share or remotely log into one of you computers. Thanks EricF for recommending
  • VLC – Best way to watch movies on your computer
  • Join.me – Easy tool to do screensharing.
  • Hazel – A bit of a PIA to setup but super helpful I use this to auto transfer music I download into iTunes. Auto-delete files in my Downloads folder after 7 days and move photos into monthly categories and more.
  • Skitch – Nice way to mock up any image or screenshot you take. Easy to add notes or suggestions you want to show someone.
  • LiceCap – Best way to create an animated gif.
  • Paste Helper – Saves everyone of your copy and paste clipboards. Searchable. Don’t use it all the time but the times I do it’s worth it.
  • Camtasia – Way to edit videos.
  • Air Server – It creates a fake Apple TV on my Mac Mini so I can stream things to that device.

Chrome Extensions

  • SumoMe – Best way to grow a website. Install it.
  • Buffer – Easy way to add new things to share to all my social media
  • Quibb – Exclusive network to find great articles about all things business and technology related
  • BuiltWith – See what tools, hosts and more every site is using
  • Social Analytics – See how many social shares an article has gotten
  • ColorZilla – Makes it able to copy any specific color from a screen
  • SimilarWeb – See the popularity of a website, where it gets its traffic from and more
  • AutoPatchWork – If you use Reddit, this is a must. It helps auto-load the next page (page 2). Saves you a ton of time.
  • DF YouTube – Removes the recommended videos from YouTube. Prevents you from going into the recommended video coma.
  • FollowUp.cc for Gmail – The best tool you can use to never forget to follow up with someone. Also nice to see when someone
  • Gmail Offline – Use Gmail on the go or when you want to be productive.
  • News Feed Eradicator – A GOD send. Removes your FB newsfeed. Install it. Thank me later.
  • PixelBlock – Blocks people from knowing if you opened their emails
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite – Saves time so you don’t have to open things in new windows among other awesomeness.
  • SiteBlock – Blocks you from drunkenly visiting your ex-gf Facebook profile or Hacker News
  • UglyEmail – Lets you know if an email is being tracked before opening it.
  • The Great Suspender – Saves computer power by turning off tabs you haven’t used in awhile
  • Unlimited free VPN Hola – Helps you browse sites as if you are from a different country.
  • Momentum – Nice clean dashboard

Online Services

  • Outreach.io – Way to mass send personalized emails
  • SalesIntelligent – Find anyones email address
  • SendGrid – To send the 10M emails we send a month
  • AWeber – For my personal okdork emails
  • Zenefits – Company health benefits
  • PayCycle – Company payroll
  • Promoter.io – Helps facilitate NPS score of customers. Good to learn what we can do to improve the business. And what people already like about it.
  • Workable.com – An ATS (applicant tracking system). What we use to organize our hiring process.
  • Litmus.com – Check how your emails look in all mailboxes and if they’ll go to spam or not

For more info on Noah see https://sumome.com/