Makes 3

by | Jul 18, 2016 |

Client: Makes 3


Makes 3®  is about helping create an organic life filled with happiness and wellbeing for your body, mind and spirit. Makes 3® naturally grew out of Dan’s own family’s journey from unconscious living and serious health concerns to an integrated and organic lifestyle that is built around intentional and balanced choices made to nurture our lives.

Involvement: Amazon Business Development. Marketing. Online Sales.

Accomplishments: This was a big win for me—grew sales 7000%. Amazon sales strategy—image optimization, Amazon PPC campaign, keyword research, backend search term analysis, and product description copywriting.

“I started using Derek Dodds to run my Amazon sales about 6 months ago and the results have been pretty incredible, he basically manages all the listing and we just keep Amazon FBA supplied with product.

Some quick stats:

  • Overall $$$ sales increase of 5000%+ since January
  • Monthly sales growth has averaged 188% over the prior month
  • Total units ordered has increased 2800%+ since January

These are also all incremental sales that are not cannibalizing from our proprietary site as we price our products higher on amazon. Basically it is all new money and new customers.”

Daniel Sperling

President, Makes3