How to Use Segmentation

What is an Advanced Segment?

How to Use Segmentation. Google Analytics segments group visitors who share common characteristics and behaviors. There are lots of characteristics of visitors that are collected by default by Google Analytics, from details about their browsers and screen sizes to the sites that they come from and the types of pages they view—the most important metric to track is conversions. You need to understand why your customers are converting and also find the conversion holes in your sales funnel.

14 Recommended Segments for Google Analytics

1. Segmentation by Referrer / Traffic source

2. Segmentation by Visitor Type

3. Segmentation by Location / Geography

4. Segmentation by Content Viewed

5. Segmentation by Landing Page Type

6. Segmentation by Action taken

7. Segmentation by Value

8. Segmentation by Demographics.

9. Segmentation by Engagement

10. Segmentation by Technology platform

11. Segmentation by Conversion

12. Profit per Vistor

13. New vs Return Customer Conversion Rate

14. Conversion Rate by Source

Here is a good starting point, you can import this google dashboard into your Analytics account for a great snap-shot on conversions.:

Conversions Dashboard for Insights & Performance [Dashboard]