Get Started Selling On Amazon FBA Now

I’ve been selling on Amazon for over a decade but I didn’t get into the FBA game until two years ago. FBA, if you don’t know, is fulfillment by amazon, which means that Amazon will warehouse your products and fulfill the orders when they come in.

Dude, that means Amazon will send out your orders for you.

That’s a win-win proposition—you should be spending your time marketing and driving traffic to your product listing (or website) and not stuffing boxes. I know, cause I stuffed many a box in my day.

Back in the early days of my current business (2007), I stuffed my own boxes and one day while I was sick and tired of shipping orders (yea, poor me) I said to a friend that I didn’t start a company to stuff boxes all day long.

He looked at me and laughed and said, “quick complaining, at least you aren’t stuffing someone else’s boxes.”

I had to laugh and he was right, but with FBA you don’t have to ever stuff a box again (well, except the boxes you send to Amazon FBA) and that’s worth celebrating.

Okay, that’s enough about me—let’s look at next steps . . .

Source Your Product

First thing you need to do is find something to sell.

You have lots of sourcing options, but the one I like best for USA made products is a website called Makers Row. If you’d like to go the Asia route, then the place to start is good ol’ Alibaba.

I used Alibaba to find several of my current manufactures almost ten years ago and it was an essential tool in my sourcing journey. However, once I got to know the major players in my industry I stopped using the website. Alibaba is a good jumping off point but can also lead you down a rabbit hole—nobody wants to be in a Chinese rabbit hole, trust me on that one.

Another great way to source your product (without flying 12 hours) is to go to industry trade shows and walk the floor—press some flesh and see what is shaking in the industry. For everything outdoor check out Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, held every 6 months. I went this last August and I was blown away by this show—it’s a must visit for any outdoor product related business.

If you are doing anything clothing related then Magic, Project and ENK is where you need to be. I owned a clothing brand in the early 2000s and went to Magic every six months for fours years—I got great ideas at every show, met (and found) all my designers and vendors while chasing hookers and playing Blackjack (ok, no hookers but I did play lots of Blackjack).

Anyway, whatever you are into it’s out there and you can find it and make a product—but you got to get out there. Take that advice from Wooly Allen (except maybe his advice about women) “eighty percent of success is showing up.

Package Your Product

Once you find a product and have a few hundred made you’ll need to prepare it for delivery to your customers. This is what they call in the industry “the unpack-aging experience.” Definitely not something Jimi Hendrix ever sang about.

There is only one company that you need to think about or emulate when it comes to this concept and that is Apple (the computer company, not the fruit bro).

You’ll want to have some custom packaging made to act as a temporary beautiful home for your product—you packaging can set you apart form your competition in this space and is an important element of the customer experience.

Please consider the environment when creating your packaging—go eco bro.

List Your Product

There are many hacks out there about how to list your product and the way you create your listing can often mean the difference between sales and the sound of amazon crickets as customers bounce off your page (cherp, cherp, cherp).

Photos are likely the most important aspect of your listing—make sure you have seven of them—yea I said 7, one for each Dwarf. Also take some lifestyle photos of people using your product and add those to the mix, you want customers to imagine themselves using what you are selling.

Imagine lyrics if John Lennon used Amazon . . .

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us (on AMAZON)
And the world will be as one

Next you should focus on your title (use those keywords) and also use them in the description. Tell a story and make people long for your product. Fill out as much of the backend specifics of your listing as possible, the more you get that right the better chance you have of Amazon showing your product.

If you need help with all this or just need it done then check out some of our plans because we’ll help you CRUSH IT like a Gary V video.

Ship Your Product To Amazon

To use FBA services you’ll need to get your product to Amazon. They require you to label each item and package them in a very specific way. If you get it wrong they might ding you—which means they will charge you money to fix the error, you don’t want that.

You’ll need to split up your shipment into several distribution points that Amazon pre-selects, based on their product category calculations—will have to send the units as they demand.

Yes, they demand and we must obey to play.

Oh yea, you also need to pay for shipping into Amazon. The rates are very reasonable, I find the Amazon sponsored UPS option to be the best.

Ok, I know you aren’t happy about paying to get you stuff to Amazon but I got some good news for you .  .

. . . drum roll please.

You don’t need to pay for the shipments from Amazon’s warehouse to your customers!

Happy dance . . .

Now go get those reviews—we’ll talk ore about reviews in out next article.