6 Facebook Tips For Closer Fans

We all want more fans!

There are currently 1,310,000,000 Facebook users —and growing every day 6 Facebook Tips For Closer Fans.

Facebook advertising gives you the opportunity to access as many of those users as you can afford to reach. However, there are some quick tricks that you can implement to help boost your page.

In April of this year Facebook made a change to the way they display your posts—you might have noticed, your posts are are showing a lot less in people’s timelines.

Only about 10% of your fans are being shown your posts. Studies show that the majority of people that like your page the first time will never go back to it again—which means that you need a strategy to access the people that are already in your community.

Organic vs Advertising: Shares Are Your Main Goal

If you want to reach that community that you worked so hard to build then you’ll have to pay Facebook for the opportunity to get in front of them.

We are in a new era of pay to play, boosting posts is necessary to get beyond the 10% reach. Facebook will also penalize you if your posts do not get traction, the more popular your posts are, the more they are shown by the Facebook algorithms.

Meanwhile, before you dump money into an advertising budget, we are going to explore some Facebook tactics that will help build you organic reach and will also help increase your fan participation.

One important thing to consider, likes are not as important as shares—shares are the most important type of engagement and the more shares you get the more Facebook will reward your page’s algorithm, thus boosting your visibility and reach.

Your goal with every post should be to have that content shared. Don’t be afraid to ask your community to share your content: ask for what you want.

6 Facebook Tips For Deeper Engagement

The following are six ways to help increase your user engagement without spending advertising dollars.

1. Make It Compelling

Before you create a post, upload a picture, or link a video, ask yourself: is this compelling?

It is better to create one compelling post than 5 average posts—remember that the Facebook algorithms are always watching and calculating the activity on your page. If a post gets traction and lots of engagement Facebook will show that post to more people.

2. Create Intimacy

Create intimacy by sharing personal aspects of who you are and what you do. Behind every business is a human, and deep down we all want to connect with others.

3. Honor Engagement

People want to be seen and be heard. Use names when responding to others, reward fans by acknowledging their comments and expressions. In today’s busy world, if someone takes a moment to engage with your content you need to honor that expression.

4. Stay Native

While in Facebook, stay in Facebook. People don’t want to leave FB, give users information without sending them off the page. Use applications and plug-ins that embed in Facebook or that can be connected to a tab.

5. Use Landing Pages

If you do send people away from your Facebook page to some other location outside of Facebook. Don’t send people from Facebook to your homepage.

Create custom landing pages that talk directly to the FB audience—see lead pages for some fantastic templates and embed applications.

6. Upload Videos To Facebook

When possible don’t use Youtube or Vimeo video links. Upload your videos to Facebook thus creating native content—Facebook will reward you for this and show the native videos to more people that their evil twins.

Have Fun

These six Facebook tactics will help you build deeper relationships with your Fan base. In the next article we’ll cover Facebook advertising and talk about proven strategies that will help you reach specific demographics and we’ll talk about to to convert those leads into sales.

6 Facebook Tips For Closer Fans