101 Marketing Ideas To Help You Grow Your Business

We all have those moments when we need a little inspiration to kick-start us into a new marketing campaign. That is why we created this list of 101 marketing ideas.

I usually reach for one of the marketing classics and read for 15 minutes to help wrap my brain around some new ideas.

Two of my favorites books to inspire me in the moment are The Little Big Things: 163 Ways To Pursue Excellence by Tom Peters and Guerrilla Marking by Jay Levinson.

Either one of these books will start your marketing engine and put some stream into your mental jujitsu.

Still lacking some luster?

Well, check out this list of 101 marketing ideas—pick one, google it and implement.

  1. The Free Company T-Shirt
  2. The Welcome Email
  3. The VIP Beta Launch
  4. The HARO Brand Buzz Boost
  5. The Education-Focused Email Series
  6. The Promise, Not Features Headline
  7. The Lean Homepage A/B Test
  8. The Quick Feedback Request
  9. The Personalized Call-To-Action
  10. The Handwritten Thank You Letter
  11. The “Get Right To The Point” Landing Page
  12. The Lean Social Branding Design Technique
  13. The Screencast Product Demo
  14. The Promotion-Driven Godzilla Blog Post
  15. The Elevator Pitch Explainer Video
  16. The Editorial & Social Calendar Strategy
  17. The Surprise First, Ask Second Guest Post
  18. The Trigger-Based Customer Email Series
  19. The Industry Influencer Blog Post
  20. The Social Proof Confidence-Booster
  21. The Progress Bar
  22. The Beefy Customer Testimonial
  23. The Live Chat
  24. The Tell Your Story, Sell More Products Method
  25. The Responsive Design Conversion Strategy
  26. The “Unboxing” Video
  27. The Free Ebook / Resource
  28. The Demographic-Targeted Blog Post
  29. The Top Posts Digest
  30. The Social Media / Blog Giveaway
  31. The Gated Content Method
  32. The Weekly Roundup Blog Post
  33. The Free Tool That Helps & Converts
  34. The Better Subject Line
  35. The Social Integration Technique
  36. The Upsell Email
  37. The LinkedIn Group Authority Hack
  38. The Exclusive Interview Blog Post
  39. The Refer-A-Friend Program
  40. The Exit Intent Pop-Up
  41. The Big Brother Hack
  42. The Industry Trade Show Brand Boost
  43. The Niche-Focused Blog Strategy
  44. The Twitter Chat
  45. The Customer Testimonials / Case Studies Strategy
  46. The Online Reviews Request
  47. The Promotion Swap
  48. The Marketing Partnership Strategy
  49. The Udemy Credibility Booster
  50. The Stayin’ Alive Content Strategy
  51. The Co-Branded Infographic
  52. The Inactive Users Email
  53. The Blog Comment Technique
  54. The Animated GIF Tutorial
  55. The Timely Piggyback Social Media Post
  56. The VIP Event
  57. The Countdown Urgency Conversion Technique
  58. The Gamification Engagement Method
  59. The Copywriting For Growth Strategy
  60. The Rare CEO/Owner/Founder Email
  61. The Visible Phone Number Hack
  62. The Targeted Social Ad
  63. The Net Promoter Score
  64. The Timely Holiday Offer
  65. The Same Post, Different Tweets Promotion Trick
  66. The Content Ideation Research Technique
  67. The Ongoing Keywords List
  68. The UGC Growth Strategy
  69. The Advanced Split-Test Facebook Ad
  70. The Original Graphics Hack
  71. The Value-Based Video Series
  72. The Niche-Focused Forum Participation Technique
  73. The Loyal Customer Surprise Gift
  74. The Helping Hand Hack
  75. The FAQ Blog Post Series
  76. The Cold Email
  77. The Personalization Everywhere Hack
  78. The FOMO Conversion Hack
  79. The Better Email Signature
  80. The Quick Way To Perform Competitor Research
  81. The Endorsement From a Well-Known Hero
  82. The PR Push Outreach & Pitch Strategy
  83. The Blog RSS Email
  84. The Conversion-Driven About Page
  85. The “Let’s Be Weird” Marketing Campaign
  86. The 1-2-3 Onboarding Email
  87. The Never Eat Alone Strategy
  88. The “Aha Moment” Optimization Phase
  89. The Email Later Hack
  90. The Employee Happiness Hack
  91. The Lean Signup Form
  92. The Free Trial
  93. The Us vs. Them Landing Page
  94. The Integration Partners Strategy
  95. The Team Spotlight Video
  96. The Upgrade Offer
  97. The Give Back Hack
  98. The Industry Report
  99. The Exit Interview
  100. The Win-Back Email
  101. The SumoMe Install