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Drive traffic to your site with email marketing, drip campaigns, white papers and eBooks.

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Track conversions with Google Analytics and set-up metrics software so that you always know what is working.

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Link your blog to Mailchimp through custom forms and lead generation strategies.

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Get better open rates with A/B testing email subject lines and create great content that brings in organic traffic that converts.

SEO DIY Checklist

SEO is not dead folks . . . here is a SEO DIY download that will get you started on your journey. Keyword Research ▢ Use Google’s Keyword Planner to determine the search volume of keywords and get keyword ideas to try and rank for. What would you search to find your... read more

Working with Derek increased our business 200% in 2015.

~ John Wright, DIY Surfboards

creativecompositionsdailyobjects8We are in a fortunate situation that we only work with a select number of clients—we like to start with a website audit, we offer two new audits per month for free if you sign-up before the end of the month.

Our audits are valued at $1000 and we pick the first two people who sign up before our list fills each month.

We’ll go through your website and make a video presentation that points out the opportunities that our team observes—we’ll give you three things you can do today to improve your sales and conversions.

Spaces fill up quickly, so sign up today—we’ll let you know my email if you are selected.

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Derek Dodds

Derek Dodds

Founder & Gregarious Potentialist

Laura Topolovich

Laura Topolovich

Social Media Queen

Francisco Mazza

Francisco Mazza

Designer & Videographer


I started using Derek Dodds to run my Amazon sales about 6 months ago and the results have been pretty incredible, he basically manages all the listing and we just keep Amazon FBA supplied with product.

Some quick stats:

  • Overall $$$ sales increase of 5000%+ since January
  • Monthly sales growth has averaged 188% over the prior month
  • Total units ordered has increased 2800%+ since January

These are also all incremental sales that are not cannibalizing from our proprietary site as we price our products higher on amazon. Basically it is all new money and new customers.

Daniel Sperling

President, Makes3

Derek & the OMD team took our immature marketing plan and developed a strategy that helped us increase our sales 3X. We are so happy we took the leap and hired a professional to get us to the next stage in our business.


Founder, Javits

Derek has been the key for tons of progress. Glad that he came into our lives as a guiding expert and a friend. We have all enjoyed working with Derek and appreciate everything he has done. Derek’s positive outlook and expertise have been wonderful to have on team Highwave!

Gary & Diana Ross

Owners, Highwave